Vegatest Expert

Vegatest MachineThe method used for testing is the Vegatest Expert, a very advanced skin resistance measuring device designed to locate and test acupuncture points in the body.

The science behind the test began with research by Dr Reinholt Voll, a German physician, who first developed Electroacupuncture According to Voll (EAV) in the 1950’s. He discovered that meridian points, some of which correlate to acupuncture points, can be used to collect energetic data and he developed a machine that could stimulate or balance acupuncture meridians using an electrical charge instead of a needle. He discovered that by simply touching the skin with a given substance was sufficient to trigger a measurable change . His methods, though innovative, were initially very time consuming. Find out more >

However, later in the 1970’s Dr Helmut Schimmel designed the Vegetative Reflex Test (Vegatest) which simplified the testing greatly by using just one point on the body to test, instead of 100’s previously, and to test any material for intolerance and organs for stress.

The Vegatest Expert tests for more than a thousand foods, food additives, allergens, environmental chemicals, pollens, animals, organs, deficiencies and toxins that may cause symptoms. It is also capable of testing any given food or substance brought along for testing.

The Vegatest Expert represents over four decades of expertise and development of the electroacupuncture concept and has achieved the reputation of being the most sophisticated bioenergetic test yet developed.

The test is totally safe, painless, non-invasive and results are instant.

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